The Beaded By The Beach name comes from my happy memories as a girl of designing beaded jewelry.  I'd take my cork-topped glass tubes filled with colorful beads and spend hours on a beach blanket, creating my treasures.

My name is Susan Pelligra.  Having beaded for years, I am a classical musician by training & career.  I've now traded my instrument (the flute) for beading needles, to shift my artistry to designing and creating woven beaded jewelry by hand and on the bead loom.

My designs stem from my love of nature, the sea, color, geometry, and architecture.  I keep a sketchbook, colored pencils & graph paper on my beading table and even in my car.  I find that inspiration can strike at any time.

Often, I fine-tune my designs with bead graphing software.  Technology is a wonderful tool to afford more time to actually bead-weave the designs.